Ebay Shipping Is Worth Shipping

By | December 17, 2015

In order to maximize the earning potential of selling item on eBay, it is very necessary to keep the ebay shipping costs under control. This will help you earn more plus it will also help your business grow. This is because you will become more competitive as your shipping costs will be lower than most.
The most important thing is to be knowledgeable about the common eBay shipping mistakes and avoiding them.

1.Calculating Weights

One of the most common mistakes when selling on eBay is list of estimated of eBay shipping charges based on the items weight alone. Remember that eBay shipping costs is based on total weight of the package and not just the item inside it. The weight of the package will also depend on the type and amount of packaging that you use. Plus, you need to note that oddly shaped items may incur additional costs, too. And do not forget that packing slips and envelopes add weight also.

Before you list the eBay shipping charges for an item you are selling, calculate costs based on the shape, size and weight of the packaged item.

2.Know the Rates of Different Shipping Companies

You need to know what your options are before you go running to the nearest shipping company. For example, if your item is relatively light (let us say that under 3 pounds in weight), the USPS will normally have the most affordable rates. And if you purchase online and print out the ebay shipping labels yourself, you may save a little more. For items that weigh heavier, you may want to check with UPS or FedEx. Their rates vary but you may find a better deal if you study all your options beforehand. Remember to calculate eBay shipping charges using the online shipping calculators of the different eBay shipping companies and the online payment options, too.

3.Be Aware of the Shipping Add-on Charges
Purchasing delivery confirmation is a pretty good idea if you are an eBay seller. It helps you provide a tracking feature of your eBay shipping for your customers. But you need to know that the tracking services cost money and will cut into your margins. You need to know what your options for eBay shipping are. More often than not, getting the service via PayPal shipping will help you save more.

4.Never Overcharge Buyers
If you inflate your eBay shipping charges, a lot of your buyers will notice. And eBay may consider it as fee avoidance and you may lose your eBay account. A vast majority of buyers know how to make estimates regarding eBay shipping costs and when they find that your charges are over their estimates, they will take their business elsewhere. Those that do buy from you will make sure that their feedback regarding your eBay shipping charges and you may find your selling privileges revoked.

Adding charges for eBay shipping and handling is a common business practice and is accepted widely provided that charges are reasonable. Inflating the eBay shipping charges so that you can make a profit above the accepted range may be detrimental to your business. Plus, eBay does not allow the practice at all.

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