How Water Purification Systems Can Protect Your Health

By | February 12, 2018

The Natural Resource Defense Council released a study in 2003 that involved the public water systems of 19 U.S. cities. What they discovered was that all of those cities have contaminated water, and the problem is only going to get worse. Our aquifers and water tables are being contaminated daily. Chemicals from pollution, farm run-off, and even by-products of what the local treatment plants use are in the drinking water of U.S. citizens. Deteriorating pipes and elevated parasite and bacterial counts are also creeping into these systems.

The NRDC also states that “pregnant women, young children, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses and those with weakened immune systems can be especially vulnerable to the risks posed by contaminated water.” This is not comforting news, since most of us use the tap for a quick glass of water to drink often daily.

Bottled water is not rated very high, either. Most bottled water manufacturers use public water systems to fill their bottles. If you are a green thinker, the plastics used by these manufacturers can also contaminate the drinking water, and are deemed harmful by the American Medical Association. These plastics overwhelm our landfills, and are ever-present on the landscape as more and more people purchase them and discard them.

Aside from drinking water, much of our consumption of our household is done by ice-makers in our refrigerators, washing machines, gardens and outdoor hoses, and bathing or showering. Do we really want those harmful contaminants in any of these water outlets? We will discuss these areas and the possible other water purifiers that can remedy these issues.

Refrigerator Filtration

If you have an automatic ice maker, it is usually hooked up directly to the cold water pipe under the kitchen sink. So, when you get a glass of whatever you want to drink, and you put those newly made ice cubes in to cool it, what are you actually getting? As the ice melts, odors, chemicals, and carcinogens that were in the unfiltered water now leach out, mixing in with your drink. The good news is that there are water purification systems that you can purchase to attach to your refrigerator to give you good-tasting ice cubes and, if you have a cold water dispenser, great tasting and safe water.

Shower Water Filters

Drinking water is not the only way to introduce contaminants into the human body. Showering can cover you with whatever is in the water system. Chlorine is absorbed directly into the skin, let alone having to smell it while trying to get clean. Other contaminants, like certain particulate matter, can stay in your hair or on the skin after rinsing. These materials can also make shampoos and soaps not work as effectively.

Most use the KDF, or Redox water purification process, which chemically eliminates chlorines from the water, along with a carbon filter. The water you use to shower with after flowing through this system is clean and smells fresh, and there are no worries of any contaminants left on your skin or hair.

Other water purifiers, besides drinking water purification filters, can be important to the quality of life and a healthy well-being in your household. Knowing that you are using the safest, and cleanest, water to do your household chores can lead to a worry-free household environment.

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