Buy klonopin online fedex labels 360

By | 10.05.2018

buy klonopin online fedex labels 360

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  1. Tojas

    Upping my 10mg Paxil dose to 20mg sparked quite a few anxiety episodes for me. My doctor said the Paxil would take 2.5 weeks for the new increased dosage to kick in, so in the meantime he prescribed me 0.5mg of klonopin to take twice a day (morning and night). A year ago, when I initially started Paxil (after a terrible 6 weeks of trying Zoloft), I took a Xanax because the anxiety was so bad. For some reason, the Xanax made me so depressed. Anyway, my first dose of klonopin was awesome and has been sense then, (about a week ago). It took an hour for me to start to realize that I wasn't anxious anymore, and I seemed to be really productive and felt normal, which is a great feeling! Klonopin is awesome for us who have generalized anxiety.

  2. Mezim

    I have been on benzos for over 8 years due to severe Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, and Social Phobia. I switched from 4mgs of Xanax a day to 2mg of Klonopin twice a day and feel amazing. Much longer acting med compared to Xanax. Also prefer Mylan brand to Teva but the name brand original "K Cuts" are the best by Roche. No more panic attacks, low anxiety and socially comfortable again while not feeling overly sedated. I have been on almost every Benzodiazopine out there and I have to say this is overall the best one.

  3. Tezilkree

    I used to take Valium and I like this medication much better. It doesn't make me as drowsy as Valium did and I am able to complete all daily activities while using it.

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