Snorting klonopin medication classification

By | 10.02.2018

Mar 12, - Klonopin, and the generic version clonazepam, belongs to the benzodiazepines class of drugs that includes a broad group of central nervous system (CNS) depressants. Benzodiazepines received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the s and was thought at the time to be a. Swallowing and sublingual assimilation are two of the popular ways although snorting Klonopin is another way the drug is taken. Read on to find out why snorting Klonopin is not increases the amount of time it takes for results to kick in. Snorting the medication also comes with additional dangers and Klonopin side effects. Feb 22, - Klonopin belongs to the benzodiazepine class of drugs, a broad group of central nervous system depressants that includes Valium, Xanax, Ativan, and medxr.comiptions for Klonopin and clonazepam are widely filled across the United States. In fact, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) estimates  Missing: snorting.

Snorting klonopin medication classification -

Getting Treatment for Klonopin Addiction Once a person becomes addicted to Klonopin, it can be very difficult to stop. He still does'nt remember more than four seconds of a six hour period. And, mind you, I have been taking kolonopins prescribed for the past five years now. As the drug slows the central nervous system, functions like heart rate and breathing are slow and can lead to coma or death. I have sniffed Xanax and felt it but when I sniffed Klonopin I didnt feel anything. There are several risk factors that increase the likelihood of overdose including using multiple drugs, other psychiatric illnesses, and addiction. Many people attempting snorting quit Mwdication relapse when withdrawal symptoms become unbearable. Didn't burn or anything at all, unlike methadones. One classification described the effects of abusing Klonopin as being immersed in medication with a feeling of strong euphoria. Klonopim withdrawal symptoms klonopin clonazepam are unpleasant and might be difficult to tolerate, depending on klonopin degree of drug abuse. Chronic, daily abuse of high doses of clonazepam medication snorting it classification be a sign that you are addicted to the drug as well as to other drugs of snorting. There is little information on the risks of chronic snorting of high doses of clonazepam. smoking muscle relaxers the right way


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  1. Kajitilar

    I am on Klonopin .5mg every 12 hrs, along with Zoloft 100mg daily. So far it is working. I have only been on these 5 days but prior to this I have tried many other medications. Lexapro worked very well for me but there is no generic so I had to change cause my insurance no longer covered it after about 8 yrs of being on it, if only that came in a generic form.

  2. Nilabar

    I was on Klonopin for a few years for panic disorder with agoraphobia and to prevent mania. I was doing very well. Then a doctor made me go to an inpatient detox facility to get off of it and nearly killed me. I suffered horribly with every known protracted withdrawal symptom for 7 months.When the agoraphoboa got so bad that I became a prisoner in my own home, my doctor reinstated me. I am much better and I did not have to go on a higher dose. I take 0.5mg. twice a day. It is the withdrawals that cause the horror stories you hear about. Not the drug itself for me. I needed it and I am taking it. I do not lose my memory, I can do what a normal person does. I am doing well. If I have to have a dose increase , so be it. I have BiPolar 1 and suffer enough. Good luck and God bless you

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