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Luxury Contoured Travel Sleep Mask Goggles – Comfortable, Does Not Touch Eyes – Perfect Airplane Blackout Blindfold/Eye Cover/Eyeshades Block Light for Relaxing or Sleeping

Are you tired of not getting the most out of your sleep? Love to travel a lot but finding it difficult to sleep comfortably in unfamiliar environments? Or do you want to make your life more invigorating by waking up from a satisfying and energy-replenishing sleep? RECOMMENDED FOR EVERY PERSON – Men and women, boys… Read More »

The Alcohol Blackout

The Alcohol Blackout You don't have to be wasted to have a blackout; instances of blackouts have been recorded at blood-alcohol content levels as low as .07, which is below the legal limit to drive, although they grow far more common as BAC approaches .2 and above. Because … Read more on Texas Monthly (subscription)… Read More »