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Don’t Adopt A Bat

Even if you think that bats are adorable little creatures stay away from them and please don’t bring one home for a pet. It turns out that bats are the leading cause of acquired rabies. The CDC reported that 70% of the reported cases of rabies in the U.S. were attributed to bats. The other… Read More »

Please don’t make physicians choose

I took an oath when I graduated from medical school. The ancient, powerful words of the Hippocratic Oath are seared into the brain of every physician: “First, do no harm.” I, along with every physician who has come before me, hold myself to that standard. Every time I go to work, my goal is to… Read More »

‘Don’t panic!’: Loo paper firm begs

The public is being urged to remain calm and stop stockpiling toilet paper as Australia’s coronavirus cases continue to climb above 40. Kimberly-Clark, which manufactures Kleenex toilet paper, is opening up its manufacturing lines in South Australia to deal with shortages. RELATED: Australia’s coronavirus cases jump “Australia, don’t panic! We are working around the clock… Read More »

Vitamin or Mineral Supplements Don’t Prevent Dementia

A large review of studies has found no solid evidence that vitamin and mineral supplements have any effect in preventing cognitive decline or dementia. The meta-analysis, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, included 28 trials with more than 83,000 cognitively healthy people 40 and older. The reports covered a wide range of vitamins… Read More »