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Who Invented These Killer Shoes?

I always wondered who invented “High Heel” shoes and “Pointed” shoes. It can’t be someone that wears them. No way is that possible, unless they like torture at any cost. I personally have no clue how woman can wear these “Torture Chambers”. I am not naive and do, however, realize that society has labeled them… Read More »

The Proper Dosage Of A Pain Killer Medicine

Naproxen is a medicine that’s widely used around the world. This medicine is mainly used to treat conditions like fever, pain, kidneys calculi, osteoarthritis, cramps, arthritis, inflammation, etc. The basic mode of action of this famous medicine is the inhibition of enzymes called COX1 and COX2. In countries such as the USA, UK, Australia and… Read More »

Negative Effects Of A Potent Pain Killer

Vicodin, a prescription drug used to ease pain, is very effective. Vicodin is also considered an opioid or narcotic drug because uncontrolled use of this medication is addictive. Many of those who use Vicodin feel a profound feeling of wellbeing. One of its ingredients, acetaminophen, suppresses the production of pain causing substances inside the body… Read More »