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Sun Avoidance Is a Major Cause of Mortality

With the coming of spring and summer, you don’t have to look very far to find “experts” insisting that if you plan to spend any time outdoors, you should limit your sun exposure as much as possible. Many doctors advise their patients to cover up or slather themselves with sunscreen. The warnings aren’t just for… Read More »

Ignore Your Acid Reflux And Risk The Possibility of Major Complications

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of heartburn after a large or spicy meal. It generally takes the form of a painful, burning sensation in your chest or throat. Most of us pop an over the counter antacid and are feeling better within minutes. However, when heartburn becomes a regular experience in your life, showing up… Read More »

5 Major Things That Affect Sleep as You Age

Do you need more sleep as you age? It is a commonly held belief, even though it may not be expressed that older people nap during the day because they need to, believing that as the general body functions, stamina and strength are declining, intermittent periods of sleep are necessary to keep going. It’s true… Read More »