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This Vegan Salad Recipe Is A Great Plant-Based Protein Option

Whether you’re back in training or trying to eat more veggies as part of your 2019 new year’s resolution, this vegan salad recipe by nutritionist, Jessica Sepel of JSHealth is a wonderful plant-based option that ensures you’re getting your hit of protein (thanks to ingredients such as quinoa and lentils). It’s fresh, light and perfect for… Read More »

Is this protein the key to a 'flab jab'?

Could this lead to a ‘flab jab’? Experts discover a protein which triggers fat burning in the body and ‘could banish the belly even WITHOUT exercise’ Researchers say the protein interleukin-6 might trigger fat burning in the body People have naturally higher levels when they exercise, which triggers fat loss Now scientists want to trial… Read More »

7 signs you’re not getting enough protein plus EXACTLY how to get more

Whether you’re the type that shuns carbs or the one that avoids all fat, one food group that’s probably on your radar is protein – but it can be confusing. Not if you read this need-to-know guide  In recent years, protein has become the macronutrient literally on everyone’s lips. But according to new research by Healthista,… Read More »