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Real reason parasites make you sick

Parasitic infections can take many forms — from those that leave you struggling with a gastrointestinal infection to others that attach to the hair or skin like mites or lice. A parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species. It can cause disease in humans which are categorised into… Read More »

Scombroid Poisoning Could Be The Most Common Reason For Allergic Reactions to Seafood

Seafood include both finned fish and shellfish. Finned fish most commonly associated with allergic reactions include salmon, tuna and halibut.1 Finned fish and shellfish allergies are not related, so being allergic to one doesn’t necessarily mean you are allergic to the other. A true Immunoglobulin-E (IgE) mediated allergic reaction to finned fish may be life-threatening,… Read More »

We Are the Reason They Are Addicted

For decades now, we have comfortably blamed addicts for their drug or alcohol problem. We have labelled certain drugs as being addictive and comfortably made laws prohibiting the recreational use of these drugs and we even have science on our side proving that addiction is caused by using certain substances which eventually the brain will… Read More »

There are many effective painkillers for all types of pain & there is no reason to suffer unnecessarily.

It can be not that difficult to feel that people today these days has received a tendency to acquire addicted to painkillers. Heroin & cocaine have killed folks for the very long time period, now painkillers have taken the role. Painkiller addiction started off lately & slowly it’s becoming most typical form of drug addiction.… Read More »