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Tens Unit – Tens Machine for Pain Management, Back Pain and Rehabilitation

Detailed Description   Burst Mode: Burst rate: Adjustable, 0-5 5Hz; Pulse width adjustable, 50~300uS; Frequency fixed = 100 Hz Normal Mode: The pulse rate and pulse width are adjustable. It generates continuous stimulation based on the setting value. Modulation mode is a combination of pulse rate and pulse width modulation. The pulse rate and width… Read More »

Pain Reliever Addiction And Rehabilitation

Opioids are commonly used as pain relievers. They are prescribed as pain relievers that effectively alleviates the pain a person experiences.There are mainly 3 analgesic effects of opioids: lessens perception of pain, lowers reaction to pain and increases pain tolerance. Opiates are also referred to as narcotics. Its therapeutic benefits predate history. Morphine, oxycodone, codeine,… Read More »