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Bitter melon Extract Veg capsules 60 Count (450mg) (Momordica Charantia / Karela extract), Supports normal blood sugar levels | Improves Liver functions | useful in Skin Diseases & blood oxygenation

Karela (Bitter Melon) (Momordica Charantia) – 60 Capsules Bitter Melon Extract Capsules Supports normal blood sugar levels, Bitters & Alkaloids present in Bitter melon extract protects pancreatic cells Bitter Melon Or Karela Extract Capsules Helps to inhibit glucose uptake from Intestine Regular intake of Bitter melon Extract Capsules Helps in improving Liver functions Bitter melon… Read More »

Useful Tips To Stop Anxiety Attacks

As most doctors will tell you, one of the keys to making an anxiety episode controllable is to be taught how to work your way through the assault itself. The paralyzing fear that accompanies an acute stress or panic attack can be so robust and intense, attempting to describe these sensations to someone that hasn’t… Read More »