The Most Common Causes of Pain in the Back

By | March 13, 2019

There are many reasons a person may begin to experience back pain. While muscle spasms are considered the most common cause of this issue, the spine is also susceptible to issues that other parts of the body experience, such as an infection. Keep reading to learn about some of the other common causes of pain in the back. Understanding what causes this discomfort is the first step in getting rid of it for good.

Sprain or Strain

A sprain means that there is an injury to a ligament. The ligaments are responsible for supporting the spine, which includes the joints. A strain is an injury to a tendon or muscle. Tendons are used to connect the muscles to bone. Spinal strains and sprains can happen if a person falls, if they use improper body mechanics, during a vehicle accident and in a number of other ways. In most cases, these injuries are extremely painful and may limit movement on a temporary basis.

Compression of the Spinal Nerve

If the spinal nerve root gets compressed, pinched or entrapped, it will become inflamed. When this happens, messages are sent to the brain that is interpreted as pain. There are many different disorders that can cause this, including bone spurs, a thickened ligament, and herniated discs.

Bulging or Lumbar Herniated Disc

When a herniated disc occurs, the contents of the disc have spilled through the tough protective outside layer. When this happens, the nucleus pulposus begins to compress the root of the spinal nerve, causing back pain. In some cases, leg pain is felt, too. Based on the severity of the damage or nerve compression, and where in the lower back this issue is located, the individual may also develop pain in the leg, thigh or buttock.

When it comes to pain in the back, there’s no question that there are quite a few causes of it. Being aware of what these issues are to ensure it can be prevented. Being informed is the best way to prevent and avoid suffering from debilitating or even mild back pain now and in the future.