10 Health Benefits of Garlic (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

By | January 31, 2019

Garlic, or allium, is hard to beat for health benefits.  Not only is garlic healthy, it enhances the flavor of most foods.  It’s no surprise that garlic is found in almost every type of cuisine across the globe.  It grows easily, and has few pests in nature, making it less likely to contain chemical pesticides or herbicides as well.

People have been known to eat garlic for thousands of years.  There is evidence that garlic was being eaten by the people building the pyramids over 5000 years ago.

Thousands of studies have been conducted about the health benefits of garlic, showing over and over that garlic is a formidable foe against illness and disease.

Supplementation of garlic is popular as well because of its many health benefits.  Aged garlic extract has more health benefits than powdered garlic supplements.1 Fresh garlic is generally better than dried garlic for health benefits as well.

Supplementation of garlic has a high safety profile.  However, garlic may have blood-thinning effects, so always talk with your doctor before starting garlic supplements.2

1. Garlic and Weight Loss

Several animal studies support the link between garlic and healthy body weight.

For example, aged garlic extract alone and with exercise reduced body weight and liver fat in rats.  Using both exercise and garlic was the most effective compared to either therapy alone.3

Both garlic and onion oil reduced obesity and dangerous blood fats in a study of rats.4

Garlic reduced obesity in overfed rats by increasing body temperature and decreased the genes that make fat tissue (white adipose tissue).5

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Liver health is important for a healthy weight. Supplemental garlic reduced liver damage due to toxins and medications by improving antioxidant status in an animal study.6

These findings for liver health are important for weight management because the liver helps process food and nutrients.

Garlic seems to help promote healthy weight in people too.  Garlic reduced body weight and body fat in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in a randomized clinical trial of 110 patients.7

Health Benefits Of Garlic

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