11 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Longer In the Early Mornings

By | February 15, 2020

Hi! my name is Chantal Murphy and I am a qualified baby & child sleep consultant based on the Gold Coast and the owner of Baby Sleep Magic! As a mother of two boys I decided to become a baby sleep consultant due to my own personal experience. I also have a passion for helping sleep deprived parents experiencing challenging times.Whilst I was pregnant with my first child I found there to be a lot of information, advice and support out there for pregnancy, birthing options, etc. However once my baby was born I was sent home with only the necessary follow up and weigh in appointments, which only lasted the first few weeks after the birth, from then on I was on my own.I found the first month to be relatively straight forward, I was still on a high and wanted to show the world what I had produced!, apart from the odd restless day and night I managed quite well. THEN came 3 months and the the 40 minute cat naps….. I went from having a baby that slept for a couple of hours at a time to now only sleeping for 40 minute cycles day and night. I tried everything possible including reading books, searching the internet, calling all the hot-lines, speaking to naturopaths, GPs, pediatricians, lactation consultants etc, you name it – I tried it.So i started doing my own research which led me on my journey into the sleep consulting world. What i learnt changed my parenting experience forever. I then used that knowledge for my second son Cruz! I was able to achieve a predictable routine with longer day naps and by 12 weeks old he was capable of sleeping through the night! After nearly 7 years, I am proud to say that both my children sleep well at night!. Until having children I never knew sleeping was a skill that you need to learn and by teaching your baby to self settle and sleep through the night you’re not only helping yourself, but your also giving your children a skill that they will use for life.

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