22 Memes You'll Get If You're Already Over Valentine's Day

By | January 22, 2019

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you don’t have plans with your partner or an Instagram-perfect squad, it’s easy to feel left out. HOWEVER, it’s just a day, and honestly, probs not a great one since it’s mid-February. If you’re already so, so over it and want to embrace your grumpiness in peace, these memes are for you!

1. Just when you thought you got through NYE, the worst is not over yet.

SMH, seriously???

2. You immediately feel pressure to do something.

Everything in your fridge has 2/14 plans but you.

3. Like, can’t you just exist on the 14th?

Guess not!

4. Luckily, you’ve made SOME plans.

TBH, p romantic.

5. But you’re leaving the rest up in the air.

Other than avoiding all the annoying couples, obvi.

6. You don’t have high expectations.

Which, honestly, puts you ahead of everyone else.

7. And you at least don’t feel pressure to actually like this holiday.

Pretending you’re into any of this would suck!

8. Because everyone’s humblebraggy office flowers are bullshit.

Also, plants are WORK.

9. And seeing everyone’s emoji-drenched insta posts is just too much.


10. But honestly, you don’t really feel all that much worse.

(Maybe just a little bit).

11. A mass-sent valentine might be your only one.

Plus, a Snap from Team Snapchat.

12. And you’re for sure not sending any.


13. Sure, you wouldn’t say no to a date.

But eh, you’ve lived this long and been fine. What’s one more single valentine’s day?

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14. At least you get a long weekend.

Just the break everyone needs.

15. Because this should honestly be you-time.

Involving all the pizza you want.

16. No pizza? Hot pockets work, too.

How about a heart-shaped box of these, eh?

17. Don’t forget the chocolate.

More for you!

18. This is the only man you want to make out with.

Hard same.

19. Plus, discount chocolate is only a day away.


20. Though, to be clear, “chocolate” can be defined broadly here.

AKA, puppies are next-level goals.

21. No matter what, just remember that you’re better off single than dating a shlub.

Bye, bitch.

22. And however you celebrate, just do YOU.

JK, there’s only one good way to do it, and it’s on the left.

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