25 x One Step® Home Liver Function Urine Tests (5 strips per foil)

By | January 27, 2017
25 x One Step® Home Liver Function Urine Tests (5 strips per foil)

Liver disease refers to any disease or disorder that causes the liver to stop functioning as it should, examples of liver disease are:
Hepatitis A, B, C, E
Alcohol damage
Fatty liver

There are over one hundred types of liver disease and they affect over five million people in the USA. This figure may only be the tip of an iceberg as many cases of liver disease remain undiagnosed. This is because your liver is very resourceful and able to work well enough even when it may be damaged. This means that you may often not ‘present’ with clear symptoms, or show obvious sign of liver disease or illness.
This simple home screening liver test can help to identify if there is a problem by checking for Bilirubin and Urobilinogen levels in your urine, raised levels can indicate liver disease.
It is recommended that you take this test if you are feeling generally unwell or are experiencing any of the following: * Nausea * Fatigue * Lack of appetite * Yellowing of the skin and eyes.
This test is suitable for you to do at home and can indicate liver disease. This test is simple to use and takes only 60 seconds.
This test is NOT a substitute for visiting your doctor. We always recommend visiting your doctor or medical professional if you are feeling unwell.

  • 25 tests included in the pack (5 in each foil)
  • CE approved and FDA cleared for home use
  • Simple to use with easy to follow instructions
  • Reliable and accurate – results within 60 seconds
  • Tests for Bilirubin and Urobilinogen
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