5 Reasons You Should Make Out More Often During Periods

By | December 12, 2018

Assuming making out is off-limits is quite common when you are on your periods. And the reasons are many, some find it messy while others are not comfortable enough. But what if I tell you, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy those moments of intimacy during menstruation too? Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not.

Making out during menstruation is a hot debate topic where many people are against it as they think it is gross and disgusting while many others think, that it may be a little messy but totally normal. Well, the debate around this will always be there, but don’t get affected by it. Research says, that not only many of couple around the world are doing it, but are actually into it.

Although as a woman, you have the right to decide whether you are okay with performing the act while getting your menstruation. Also, check with your partner, if they are also comfortable with it. But if you both are on the same page, there is absolutely no reason to avoid it.

Still, not convinced? Well, before saying no to this forever, at least try it once and here are some reasons that may change your mind about it.

Here are top 5 reasons to try making out in periods:

1. Orgasm helps with menstrual cramps

menstrual cramps

Period cramps are scary. They can spoil your mood and literally hate having a uterus. Here’s the good news. Making out during periods can help you get some relief. Wondering how? Well, there have been claims that orgasm helps ease menstrual cramps so try it once. Orgasm release oxytocin, dopamine and other happy hormones, which are strong hormones which help in reducing your pain. Doesn’t sound like a great plan? So, if you feel little down or sad at such times, maybe having some fun with your partner will help you feel better. Also, intimacy can divert your attention to more beautiful things.

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2. The mess because of blood is not that much

spotting between periods

Do you think, making out in this situation will be gross? Well, you are not alone dear. Most of the time partners avoid intimacy during periods because of the bloody mess. But here is the truth, there is not going to be that much blood if you are thinking about having fun or romance with each other.

Normally, a woman loses around 20-30 ml or in some heavy bleeders 60 ml of blood which is not more than a small tub. So don’t worry about creating much of a mess. It should be all about having some close moments with your love and your focus should be towards having maximum pleasure. Once you are deeply involved in the activity, the thing won’t bother you at all. If you are still worried, use some old sheets or throw them into the washer immediately after.

3. It shortens the length of your menstruation cycle

menstruation cycle

Do you know when you orgasm, the process contracts? So with every orgasm you have, the uterus starts making the blood come out faster. This process ends up reducing the length of the period. Additionally, having orgasm also releases the compounds (Which are causing cramps) out of your uterus. During the 5-7 days of periods women usually feel aroused and they feel more sexual urges. But now, you no longer need to hold your urges. You can go ahead whenever you feel like. Doesn’t sound like a great plan? So, now that we know, that having period intimacy is safe, go for it next time you have such urges.

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4. It helps empowers you and lift up the taboo around it


When you actually think about it, it’s all in our minds. Nowhere it has been written that you can’t have intimacy during your menstruations. And this is why there is absolutely no reason why you should hold your feelings. The best way is to talk to your partner about it. Tell him, what you feel and listen carefully of his opinion about the same. When you and your partner get comfortable with the concept and understand, that it is something that is not off-limits or forbidden, it will really help you empower yourself.

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Also, this will build foundation to the new comfort you share with each other. You won’t feel shame talking about periods or intimacy or the dreaded combination of it. It helps lift the taboo around it and you can actually educate, and talk with other women and men so, that they are well-informed while deciding whether they want this or not.

5. There is nothing toxic in it

period blood

I have seen many women who believe the period blood is toxic. Well, allow me to burst your bubble. There is nothing toxic about period blood. The blood that comes out during this time is not toxic and thus should not be made as a reason by you or your partner for not having period intimacy.

Bonus tip: if you feel real unease about period intimacy due to tampons and pads, then try menstrual cups like Ziggyi cup. They are silicone rubber products that are inserted into the vagina to hold the blood flow which can’t be felt during intimacy.

So, these were some of the reasons; some may be fun and some might actually be proven, but whatever is the case don’t shun this just because you think, that blood will make it gross. Don’t forget, your periods are also a part of your healthy living. Getting a period is a natural phenomenon. And preventing your desires just because you are afraid of the concept, is not at all wise. Talk to your partner about it, there is nothing to be ashamed of. If both of you are on the same page, you must go ahead. Who knows, you might end up loving it.

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