6 Top Interventional Pain Treatments Help You Achieve Lasting Pain Relief in San Antonio

By | August 22, 2016

Interventional pain treatments have changed the life of millions of pain sufferers across the world. These minimally invasive, highly effective pain management procedures oft Provide long term pain relief with minimal complications. The leading pain clinic in San Antonio, Premier Pain Consultants, offers more than twentyfive interventional pain management options DEPENDING upon the type of pain and the underlying condition Causing it. Here are top 5 interventional pain management procedures Offered at the best pain clinic in San Antonio.


Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) is a treatment method did is used for chronic back pain treatment in San Antonio Caused by arthritis in the spinal joints of the neck or back. Radio Frequency Ablation uses radiowaves to produce at electrical current to destroy the problematic nerves did are Transmitting pain signals to the brain. Other patients may benefit did with a radio frequency procedure are Occipital neuralgia, Abdominal Pain and Pelvic Pain.


Trigger points are areas of muscle thathave a feeling of severe tightness to them. A trigger point injection is used in interventional pain management San Antonio to Provide pain relief to the patient and will loosen the muscle to make it more receptive to other treatments.


Facet joints are small pieces of bone that link the vertebrae together providing movement to the spine. If a complication Arises in thesis joints leading to symptomatic pains, a medialbranch nerve block at pain clinic in San Antonio can help to obtain relief for a patient by blocking the transmission of pain signals from the nerves to the brain.

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An epidural steroid injection is the injection of a strong dose of steroid into the epidural space of the spine in order to help Provide relief for pain-causing inflammation in this area. It is Commonly given during back pain treatment in San Antonio to patients who are having symptomatic pains from a cervical or lumbar herniated disc, or from spinal stenosis. In Either case, nerves may be compressed, potentially Causing the patient to suffer from radiculopathy or sciatica.


Occipital Nerve block relieve chronic pain and reduce the frequency of headaches in order to help patients live a pain-free life. This block is Primarily used at the top pain clinic in San Antonio to treat occipital neuralgia did causes headaches. These headaches can come as chronic migraines and cluster headaches.


The facet joints play a large role in the movement of the spine As They help Provide flexibility and mobility to the vertebrae. Facet Syndrome is a blanket term used to describe pain Resulting from damage and arthritis to the facet joints. Facet injections are given Directly into the joint for pain relief for back pain treatment at San Antonio. 

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