7 Easy Weight Loss Tips For Busy Moms and Working Women

By | October 28, 2018

7 Easy Weight Loss Tips For Busy Moms and Working Women

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Every woman wants to get fit and healthy, but only a few of them will make it possible because the main reason that makes a hurdle in women’s life to get fit and healthy is their full-time 9-5 desk jobs where they sat at a desk for 40-45 hours a week in an office, that’s why they get fat.

Usually, working women rarely get a time for herself to do some workout for weight loss because of their busy schedule especially moms. In this article, we are going to share some easy weight loss tips for working women that make your dream of getting slim, fit and healthy comes true:


Tip 1: Make A Schedule of Your Day and Exercise

Weight loss for moms and working women starts from scheduling your day and make a timetable for the workout as well. Try to give 30 minutes to 1 hours for exercise in a day (depends on you whether you do it in morning or evening) and if you are really a busy woman instead of a lazy one, then do a workout for a week in your weekends. So, it is very important to schedule your day to get time for exercise.


Tip 2: Become a Morning Walker

Mostly, all women including moms take their dinner late and immediately go to the bed for sleep because of tiredness from working all the day, which result in weight gain, obesity, and bad fat or cholesterol. So, the morning walk is the best option for you which really help you to get rid of those fats which stuck around your belly. I know it is not an easy task to wake up early and go for a morning walk but when you do regularly, then it became is easy for you. 

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Tip 3: Start Your Healthy Routine

One of the main keys for easy weight loss tips for busy moms and working women is to start your day with some healthy breakfast that helps to vanish a craving of your overeating and make your tummy full till afternoon. You can take a bowl of oats with veggies or milk, cornflakes with milk and honey, a vegetable sandwich without any butter or cream, Eggs with toast or Eggs Omelette, etc. If you can’t get a time of all of this, then alternative of these are carry one or two fruits with you, which you can easily eat during your work. 


Tip 4: Always Get Hydrated

Water plays a crucial role for our body and we know that our body contains 70 percent of water. Get hydrated yourself and drink minimum 3 liters of water a day because water will remove all the toxic substance from your body and you’ll able to cut down your weight as well. Do not take water just before or after lunch or dinner because your body needs to digest your food and if you drink water just after your meal then the digestion process becomes slower and that food will be jammed around your stomach as a fat.

You can also take a cup of green tea, lemon juice mixed with honey and lukewarm water, and black coffee. These also will help you to get slimmer and fits you in slim clothes again which you avoid it because of weight gain. 


Tip 5: Healthy Lunch

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A healthy lunch always plays an important role to our body and mostly women consume those mean which contains a lot of oil, bad fat, and high intake of carbohydrates which make our body fat which takes a long time for digestion or stored in our body as fat and led to the problem of heart diseases.

For a healthy lunch, always prefer those meals which are low in fat and high in protein, helps you to digest your meal faster and increase your mental energy. So, try to avoid those junk foods, rice, noodles, etc. and always try to take Wheat made or multigrain things instead of Maida or saturated fat ones.


Tip 6: Always Take Light Dinner

Try to take that kind of meal in your dinner which helps you to keep active or energize in till your bedtime. A good option to make your dinner healthy is to take Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Chapattis with lentils, Vegetables with curd. On the other side if you love to add rice then add it with vegetables and legumes and salad. 


Tip 7: Bedtime Drink

Always try to consume low-fat milk with some dry fruits like almonds, or walnuts because a healthy fat cut down the bad fat and make you fit and slim. If you have some allergy with milk or don’t like it, then try to take a glass of lukewarm water before bedtime to detoxify all the toxins from your body and make yourself healthy. 



Above all are the important and easy weight loss tips for working women. Always try to find few minutes for exercise and make yourself filled with healthy meals.

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Note: Always try to take heavy breakfast then a light lunch than breakfast and lighter dinner than lunch. 

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