7 Tips to Take Care of Post-Pregnancy ENT Issues

By | February 14, 2020
7 Tips to Take Care of Post-Pregnancy ENT Issues

7 Tips to Take Care of Post-Pregnancy ENT Issues : Birth of a baby is a thrilling time that excites and changes a woman inside and out. Motherhood inspires a woman towards healthy lifestyle choices. Numerous women feel much congested during their pregnancy and post-pregnancy period. Post-pregnancy comes with its own set of various symptoms.

You may feel emotionally and physically well on one day, and fall ill on the other. Several women go through backache, morning sickness, tiredness or even bad ENT conditions throughout the initial post-pregnancy period.

Things To Know :

Pregnancy is however associated with several physiological and hormonal changes, evident due to the work that your body has performed. Several women suffer nasal disorders, sore throat, coughing, rhinitis, sinuses congestion as well as epistaxis incidence. Realizing the fact that now you have a responsibility for another human being can be a bit scary. This is because of the reason that now the baby’s health is directly associated with your health. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s try to give you some tips about what you need to do when you come across poor post-pregnancy ENT conditions.


Taking medication is a concern for breastfeeding mother as it can affect the health of their child. Now, the women don’t need to further worry about it as there is a medication that is safe for the new mothers. For instance, you can overcome the issues of sore throat and sinus headache by using acetaminophen (Tylenol), but ensure the intake as directed. More medicines directed can include decongestants, expectorants, cough suppressants and antihistamines.

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Home Remedies

Infectious symptoms of ENT conditions can be effectively treated by opting some home remedies as well. These remedies suggest increasing your fluid intake which can effectively ease soreness in your throat, loosen drainage of mucus and can also clear your stuffy nose. Additionally, such ideal fluids can be citrus juices, broth, decaf teas and obviously excess water intake.

Visit a Doctor

It has been commonly seen that most ENT infections can be treated by using home remedies. Yet, at times the condition goes out of hand and the medications and home remedies also fail to improve the infection. Then, it’s the time that makes it necessary that now you should consult a doctor.

More Pillows

This is an important remedial tip which suggests sleeping with your head at an elevated position using more than one pillow. By doing this, you can stop mucus from accumulation in your sinus during the night.

Steam Intake

Hot salt water steam intake helps to relax the mucus, sore throat and nasal congestion.


You can do warm salt water gargle for soothing your sore throat.

Saline Drop

Buy a saline drop from the chemist shop or make your own by adding 1/8 teaspoon salt and a pinch of baking soda of in 1 cup warm water. Use this to spray in your nose for keeping secretions thin.


You should remember that ignoring your condition and symptoms may result in much serious health issues, which may even cause a threat to your child health. Therefore, now you are aware of tips, you can easily identify your condition and manage accordingly.

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7 Tips to Take Care of Post-Pregnancy ENT Issues

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