Acne Scar Cure

By | April 24, 2018

Acne scars can be as emotionally troubling as the acne itself. Even after you have cured yourself of acne the effects can be long lasting, so this article is going to give you some ideas on how to cure the acne scars that you may be left with.

You might have small scars or large, deep scars left from more severe acne. If you have deeper scars, then you might need to find more intensive treatments, but the things discussed in this article can certainly help to reduce the effects that you currently see.

Of course, the scarring depends on the severity of the acne that you had. If you had a mild form of acne then the scars can be dealt with quite easily. It will take a few months, but you should be able to almost remove them completely. They will only ever be visible to you, as you knew about them.

If you had cystic acne, then you will have much deeper scars. The nodules or cysts can stay on your skin for many weeks, which inevitably leaves a certain degrees of scaring. These days, there are treatments that can be used for all types of acne scar, so don’t feel discouraged.

They are scars caused by tissue formation and scars caused by a loss of tissue. These are the two types of acne scars that you are likely to have.

In order to remove the scars it is best to see a physician and get their medical opinion on the best treatment for your own personal case. They will asses your scars and show you how to best remove them and reduce the appearance of them.

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The most effective acne scar treatment can be applied to the face. The skin on the face always seems to react best to the treatment in comparison to the arms, neck and back. While you can still use treatments in these areas with some great effects, the face seems to offer the best response.

The treatment that your physician will give you will depend on your skin type and how well applied you are to it. You will also be assessed on your level of scarring so that the right treatment can be given.

Something that you can use yourself is an exfoliation pad or sponge. These can be used by anyone as they are very effective. You can also use this alongside your medication from your physician. The exfoliation sponge or cloth will remove the top layer of skin and skin cells. Generally this helps new skin cells to form and grow, each time creating new skin with less scarring.

The process is very simple but it can take some time. These cloths are also a healthy way to wash your face anyway, so don’t worry about them. They are often called microdemabrasion kits as they take away the first layer of skin.

Another thing you can use yourself is a clay mask right after you have exfoliated your face with the cloth. Many people have reported great results with clay masks so this is something to try in reducing the acne scarring that you currently have.

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