Alpha Medical Female Rib Belt / Chest Support (Large)

By | December 5, 2017
Alpha Medical Female Rib Belt / Chest Support (Large)

The Alpha Medical Female Rib Belt is made from six-inch latex free of elastic. There is a foam panel accross the rib cage that provides padding while the remainder of the support’s elastic provides compression. The rib belt’s Velcro closure allows for a highly adjustable fit. Rib belts are often prescribed for treatment of injured or broken ribs, sternum, middle, and upper back support, and compression for hernias.

Size Guide: For correct size measure around the chest just below the breasts
Small: 24″ to 41″
Large: 41″ to 60″

  • ~ Six-inch breathable elastic
  • ~ Soothing soft foam laminate pads across the rib cage
  • ~ Hook and pile closure for a customizable fit
  • ~ Anatomically designed to properly fit the female body
  • ~ Color: white

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