Anxiety Medication

By | April 16, 2016

The administration of any form of anxiety medicine ought to be done at the doctor’s recommendation and under close medical inspection. Anti-anxiety drugs or tranquilizers are not a treatment for the panic disorder in itself, but a mere way of coping with the extremely strong symptoms.

The side effects of various anxiety medicine types are awfully sober varying from mouth dryness, nausea and weight gain to depression with suicidal tendencies, hallucinations and other impairments of the central nervous system. The traditional benzodiazepines, the antidepressants and the beta-blockers are among the most frequent categories of anti-anxiety medication.

Valium is an anxiety medicine that is well known and falls in the benzodiazepine group together with drugs like Xanax or Klonopin. Their chief difficulty is the threat of causing physical dependence within months if not weeks of dispensation. Vigilance and a minimum usage time are the only way of staying on the safe side during administration. This risk of dependency is considerably lower with the use of an anxiety medication in the antidepressant category. However, the threat that antidepressants bring is suicide, hostility and agitation, often worsening the panic disorder.

An anxiety medicine from the set of the beta blockers that are normally used for the treatment of heart disease and hypertension could also be prescribed by the doctor. Their use for the handling of panic disorders is justified by their lessening of the stress hormone secretion that triggers the body’s fight-or-flight response.

Such an anxiety medicine can keep many of the symptoms particular to panic attacks under control by way, yet, the most ordinary conditions treated like this incorporate social phobia cases as well as performance anxiety. Do not use beta-blockers or any other type of medication lightly or without medical suggestion because of the possibility of side effects.

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The doctor who is familiar with the patient’s condition and medical history as well should be in charge of the option of the anxiety medicine. To make sure that one does more good than bad, the pros and cons of drug usage have to be weighed very well.

Some specialists will not even prescribe drugs but preferably go for therapy as the best way to care for panic attacks and end the nasty circle of anxiety episodes. In fact psychotherapy represents the only way of curing this nervous health dilemma, given the drug efficiency on symptoms only with no any extra positive bearing on the health condition.

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