Anxiety Medicine can take the Edge Off

By | March 6, 2017

With an estimated 40 million Americans living with the impacts of anxiety disorders, the need for property treatment is evident. This mental illness can create symptoms that make getting through everyday life difficult at best. Fortunately, there are a host of anxiety medicine options that patients are often given to coincide with other forms of treatment.

When anxiety medication is used in conjunction with therapy, self-help techniques and support, many forms of anxiety are treatable and even curable. Even conditions as serious as posttraumatic stress disorder can be brought under wraps with the use of anxiety medication.

Types Of Anxiety Medication

There are two types of anxiety medication that most doctors consider prescribing to patients. They both can have a very positive impact in lessening and/or controlling the symptoms of anxiety.

– Antidepressants. Medications such as Zoloft and Paxil are given for more long-term treatment of anxiety symptoms. These medications can take some time to work, so patients are advised to use them as directed and follow instructions carefully. When used in conjunction with behavioral and cognitive therapy, this type of anxiety medicine can be very beneficial for patients.

– Anti-anxiety. This type of anxiety medication involves rapid treatment of acute symptoms. This class of anxiety medicine is considered potentially addictive and has depressant effects. Patients are advised not to take this form of medication for a long period of time. Other options for treatment are generally more effective for overall, lasting relief from anxiety symptoms.

What Medicine Does

Anxiety medicine is not necessarily designed to cure or overcome anxiety symptoms. What it does do is bring symptoms in line so patients can work on other forms of therapy. When anxiety disorders are present, patients often benefit from:

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Psychological therapy

– Behavioral and cognitive therapy can give people the tools they need to overcome anxiety disorder. When medications bring symptoms in line, patients are free to work on other, most lasting, techniques for conquering their anxiety disorder. In many cases, positive thinking, desensitization and other techniques come into play to assist patients in “living through” the experiences that trigger their anxiety.

– Self-help. Meditative therapy, self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and more can all help patients further overcome their illnesses. While it is true not all anxiety disorders are curable, most are controllable if the right therapy is applied.

Anxiety medicine is not a cure all, but it is an important part of an overall treatment plan. When controlling symptoms is a must to put a person back on the right track, these medicines do the job.

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