Are You in Needy of Being Studied at a Sleep Center?

By | October 14, 2016

Sleeping is something that many people have trouble doing. There can be many different sources of why a person is not able to sleep, and sometimes the person him or herself is able to determine the cause. However, in other situations, the person is not able to discern, or even sometimes not aware, that he or she is has a sleeping problem.

People who find themselves in such a situation thus will be in need of observation at a sleep center. This is a location (usually attached to an overall medical facility) in which each patient is given a private room and bathroom, and observed for twelve hours.

There are two main ways that a person is observed at a sleep center. The first way is via cameras, since they are unobtrusively placed around the room. Various medical personnel might observe the patient in real time, or the footage will be recorded and analyzed after the study has been completed.

The second way that the patient will be observed is through various electrodes that will be placed on the patient to observe brain activity and breathing patterns. Although the patient will be allowed to wear his or her own pajamas at the sleep center, the pajamas have to be loose fitting in order to comfortably accommodate the electrodes.

Something else that people who are going to be studied at a sleep center want to know is what else they can do to prepare for their study. The patients are encouraged to bring their own pillows and blankets if that makes them feel most comfortable. Additionally, they should bring a toothbrush and toothpaste since they will be doing their nightly regimen there.

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One of the most prevalent sleep disorders that a person will be checked for during such a study is sleep apnea. This is among one of the most serious of the disorders because it involves the person not breathing for a minute or more at a time, all while he or she is still asleep. If left untreated, this disease can become fatal. So, it is extremely important for a person who is experiencing exhaustion despite having a full night of sleep, as well as problems remembering things, to be checked by their doctor as soon as possible.

However, people who are suffering from insomnia do not have an actual sleep disorder, but rather a symptom of some underlying cause. For many people, this cause usually has something to do with stress. When a person is stressed out, their body tends to produce more adrenaline, which gives the person the feeling as if they have just had a lot of caffeine.

Speaking of caffeine, that is another significant cause of sleeping problems. Caffeine is something that many people drink in their coffee or tea each morning in order to help them stay awake. However, caffeine is actually a stimulant that can stay in the bloodstream for hours at a time, building up with every extra cup of tea of coffee. People who are addicted to caffeine, then, should eliminate it from their diet, and chances are they would experience much improved sleeping habits.

More information on a sleep center, sleep apnea, and a sleeping disorder doctor in your area is just a click away.

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