Avoid Panic Attacks and Control Anxiety

By | June 10, 2016

Anxiety disorders are terrifying and they make life miserable for the person going through them. Not only does anxiety make daily life almost unbearable, it is also confusing and usually leaves the sufferer thinking no one else, not even the family doctor, could know what he or she is experiencing.

It is normal for the sufferer to be hesitant to discuss this illness with anyone because he or she is often afraid of ending up feeling rejected or misunderstood. When this happens, anxiety sufferers often don’t know where to turn. So, they will look for anxiety cures without telling anyone. Surprisingly, they may find a cure by simply becoming familiar with how most forms of anxiety work.

Figuring Out Anxiety and Beating It At Its Own Game

A lot of people suffer from anxiety disorder and a lot of people have recovered from it. Unfortunately, most anxiety sufferers do not realize this disease is so widespread and because of this they are afraid to tell anyone. This only makes matters worse.

The first step in curing anxiety is realizing it is, indeed anxiety. Anxiety shouldn’t be fought because fighting is the gasoline fueling the engine of anxiety. Anxiety sufferers must come to grips with the fact it is a nervous illness causing this problem. Instead of trying to slug their way out of it, they need to realize the anxiety can do no more harm if they refuse to fight it. Not-fighting will ease the severity of the anxiety and bring about a cure.

The counterpart to fighting anxiety is running away from it. This doesn’t work either. Trying to ignore your symptoms or pretend they are not there is akin to running away from them. Trying to fight anxiety or running away from it will make more adrenaline flow and therefore cause more and more of these disquieting feelings.

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Winning the Fight By Giving Up

The opposite of fighting and running away is to stand steady and acknowledge the symptoms of anxiety. Therefore, it is beneficial for anxiety sufferers to analyze their symptoms. When they do so, these symptoms will lesson in severity.

I say this with one caveat; if you are experiencing alarming sensations such as chest pains, don’t play around with them. See a medical professional who can administer the proper treatment for such a thing. He or she can tell you if anxiety/panic attack is what is bringing on the symptoms you are experiencing, or if it is something else.

Letting Anxiety Die

Once the anxiety sufferer is no longer intensifying the manifestations of panic and/or anxiety, the panic attacks and anxiety itself will be become less and less in terms of both number of attacks occurring and the magnitude of those final few that come on once in a while after progress is being made.

As this happens, the sufferer gains confidence the anxiety is losing its power over him or her. The cycle the sufferer will now be in will be less nervousness ” less fear of nervousness ” even less actual nervousness. As this cycle continues the anxiety disorder with its spells of panic attacks will become less and less severe and in time, non existent.

Now you know the how to avoid panic attacks and how to be successful in dealing with anxiety. Now learn how to leave anxiety and panic behind altogether as you regain control of your life by visiting: Anxiety Attacks. Also find out the latest about Natural Anxiety Cures.

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