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By | January 25, 2018

Is your lip-balm working for you? Does your lip plumper work as well as you would like it to? Too many times we have heard stories about the perfect lip-balm, the best lip-plumper, the greatest product on the market. We at let the customers tell the truth about our products, the right product. So we here at are asking our customers for ideas, for the type of skin care product you would like. If you, (the Customer) comes up with an idea and we here at manufacture the idea, we will feature your photo and your idea in our web site front page, giving the customer the credit for the idea. Because believes in doing the right thing uses all natural ingredients for skin care products because it’s right for your skin. We maintain all natural ingredients while adding a medicated oil from the willow tree. The all natural oil heals dry skin leaving a beautiful natural look. Because chooses the right way.

Our lip plumper is made from the highest quality products. BJILPBALM strives to use only the best for our customers skin. This wonderful lip plumper was Judy Barthoulies idea. while sitting at the table in the office discussing what new product we should develop, Judy said,”Lip Plumper”! I myself being a man was thinking of another lipbalm product. When Judy said,”Lip Plumper”, I knew it was a great idea because all her ideas are worth taking a look at. My wheels started turning and I went to work creating a skin product that really worked. Judy told me about other products that she tried and they didnt work, they gave the illusion of plumping. The product that we developed actually does plump your lips. This process is very simple. I (Bruce Couch II) also added an igredient that heals our lips. An anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and pain relieving salve made from cottonwood or poplar buds.

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