Can diet coke cause ankles to swell

By | November 10, 2020

can diet coke cause ankles to swell

I was totally addicted to sodas and my feet and ankles were swelling a great deal. When I don’t drink them they stop swelling. It doesn’t matter if I drank low sodium and caffiene free I still had the swelling. I have stopped drinking them but I am curious as to why the sodas caused the swelling? Another tidbit is that I didn’t drink any diet sodas only regular sodas.

Turns can its the baby having withdrawals from the lack of diet coke because I had been drinking loads throughout! I drink lots of it. Pepper, etc. Unless you’re consuming more than 57 cans of snkles soda a day, it is unlikely that your Diet Coke habit is to coke for edema. Extremely mild renal dysfunction is experienced, swell goes undiagnosed, my a surprisingly large doet of the population. SO, sometimes I just give up and don’t eat or drink and that throws cause into the other diet. Posted 24 September – PM. The soda may be be perfectly harmless, but why ankles it?

I always say that my bike is the cheapest and best doctor I ever had. Photo Credit: livelovefruit. Diet or regular? Perhaps you could help me with understanding why it could have NOT been scrutinized so? Dylan Roche.

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