Can find antidepressants side effects

By | June 23, 2020

can find antidepressants side effects

Potential risks to the fetus such as premature delivery and lower birth weight must be weighed against the considerable risks of untreated depression to both mother and child. Bressert, Steve. Food and Drug Administration. In more severe cases, people may also experience such symptoms as listlessness and fatigue, disorientation, agitation, psychosis, and seizures. Consult Your Doctor. Some studies indicate that variations in genes may play a role in the effectiveness and risk of side effects of specific antidepressants. Vortioxetine is sometimes called a multimodal antidepressant.

Mild cases of hyponatremia can cause symptoms such as feeling ill, headache, muscle pain, loss of appetite and confusion. What are the potential side effects and safety concerns? By Chris Iliades, MD. Brent DA. Certain antidepressants can increase a person’s risk of having a seizure. Dry mouth. Seek immediate medical treatment if you notice any symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing or swelling in your face, tongue, or throat. You may gain weight because of fluid retention or lack of physical activity, or because you have a better appetite when your depression symptoms ease up. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Last updated: October Hypothyroidism diet Hypothyroidism and joint pain? Symptoms that may occur on suddenly stopping an SSRI include dizziness, loss of coordination, fatigue, tingling, burning, blurred vision, insomnia, and vivid dreams. What are antidepressants? They include decreased sexual desire, delayed ejaculation in men, and the inability to have an orgasm in women.

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