Can i eat lentils on plant paradox diet

By | November 5, 2020

can i eat lentils on plant paradox diet

Thus, this pathway of abstaining from lectin-containing foods grains, beans, and potatoes circuitously kills people, by recommending for them to instead eat the only remaining foods: animals and vegetable oils. Excellent article! The foods that contain lectins — whole grains, tomatoes, beans — are healthy for you, says Lanford. Special Reports. He believes that they are the root cause of major disease and health disorders. What the Health is an excellent documentary and made a big impression also.

The Plant Paradox is based on an anti-lectin concept, so I figured this would be a great learning opportunity for all of you and for me! Intelligence has nothing to do with whether you believe these untruths; coming from people who are supposed to be trusted professionals, they sometimes sound, well, really true and logical. Wheat Belly and Dr. Most have one thing in common: They know very little about nutrition. This from a man who sells fat blockers and probiotic skin cream, and who is endorsed by Goop and Dr. The Plant Paradox has recently been in the news because Kelly Clarkson claims that this diet is the reason why she lost a pile of weight and corrected her thyroid condition. Naturally, people are curious if it will have the same effect on them. The chances that Kelly Clarkson, or any of you, are iodine-deficient is very low.

The basic premise of the Plant Paradox program is that once you remove the inflammatory agents aka lectins from your diet, your body is able to stop throwing all its resources and energy into dealing with continual damage and go into restorative mode, where excess weight can be released and diseases can be healed. To that end, here are the basic categories of foods that are excluded from the Plant Paradox program. These are foods that no human ate until about 10, years ago—and today we are still woefully ill-equipped to digest them. Let’s chat briefly about what makes these foods off-limits. Despite the fact that you probably think of these two popular foods as nuts, they are not.

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