Can you plateau on the keto diet

By | September 1, 2020

can you plateau on the keto diet

We know it can be frustrating to see friends and family successfully losing weight and gaining health with low carb when you feel you are not. What else can I do? Is this eating plan right for me? This guide helps answer those questions and more! We explain what a true stall is, review how weight is lost, help you troubleshoot your own situation, and link you to other Diet Doctor guides for more in-depth information. We aim to empower you to make informed and evidence-based choices that are right for you. Our goal is to help you understand the pace of your unique journey and find options to try to get the scale moving again.

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A keto plateau or weight loss stall can happen to anyone for various reasons. Also known as a low carb diet plateau, keto plateau happens when your fat loss progress has stopped. The first time you started the diet, your initial plan was to keep on making improvements in losing weight and feeling your very best. Once that initial shock to your body is over, it begins to adjust and burn through that stored fat. Your body is amazing that it can adapt to anything.

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