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Are you injured?

Injuries caused by auto and work have proven to be disturbing, emotionally, physically and economically. Those aches and pains you are facing after you have met with a car accident, they are an indication that the spine has suffered an injury. If overlooked, the pain may go away, but the spinal subluxations and soft tissue… Read More »

Healthy Habits For Your Skin

Many people are unaware of the fact that the skin is actually an organ and it is the largest organ of the human body. It covers more area and it has many responsibilities, such as working to protect the interior organs of the body by providing a barrier as well as being used in the… Read More »

Reproductive System Concerns Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

by Ruchira Reproductive System Concerns Every Woman Should Be Aware Of A woman’s reproductive health is maintained by certain hormones. They control menstruation, fertility, and menopause.  It is vital to take steps to protect the reproductive system from infections and injuries in order to prevent various health problems. Common reproductive health issues are ovarian cancer,… Read More »