Causes And Symptoms Of Poor Erection And Natural Remedies To Treat The Problem

By | January 19, 2017

Physical Causes for Poor Erection

Sex for men is as complicated as much as they love it. Hence many men suffer from poor erection issues. Unlike women, several parts of men’s body should co-operate with his desire to perform well in sex. A man’s brain, nerves, heart, blood vessels, spinal cord, hormonal glands and several other organs should work together in perfect collaboration to make sex pleasurable for both male and the female. It is a problem faced by people with chronic diseases like breathing issues, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Poor erection is a serious problem for men as it might lead to several issues starting from divorce to low self esteem and extreme anxiety.

Biological Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Medically, there are hundreds of reasons for weak erection. Here is a list of some of the most common reasons.

1. Injury in the spinal cord, which acts as a transmitter between the reproductive organs and the brain.

2. Atherosclerosis or clogged blood vessels, does not allow men to perform with the required vigor.

3. Accumulation of too much fat and cholesterol around the waist is an important reason for bad erection. Obesity reduces proper blood circulation in the pelvic region and reduces flexibility of the pelvic muscles leading to weak erection.

4. Hormonal issues like low testosterone secretion is an important reason for this scenario.

5. Middle aged men facing Andropause are likely to be affected by several hormonal issues like thyroid.

6. Problem in the prostate glands, like cancer or enlargement of prostate is also a reason for poor sexual performance.

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7. Peyronie’s disease where a scar tissue develops in the male organ is a rare case scenario.

8. Addiction to alcohol, tobacco, smoking and drugs affect the central nervous system severely leading to infertility and impotency in course of time.

9. Diabetic patients suffer from poor erection from time to time.

10. Several psychological and stress related issues lead to weak erection in men.

Certain men have low sex drive naturally. But weak erection is a problem affecting normal men with good sex drive, suddenly. The reason for the sudden decrease in the sex drive might be any one of the reasons stated above. Several men cease to pay proper attention to their low sex drive attributing the pressure in work and exhaustion which accompanies it. But, there might be several underlying problems behind poor erection and decreased sex drive.


1. The symptoms include severe difficulty in getting an erection. Maintaining erection more than two minutes will be quite hard for poor erection patients.

2. Uncomfortable suffocating feeling in the body while trying to get erect.

3. Very low sexual desire, no matter how stimulating the partner acts.

4. Premature ejaculation within a minute of getting hard and immediate softening of male organ.

5. No chance for secondary ejaculation however hard you try.

It is always advisable to fix the complications when the problem is still small to avoid huge complications in the future. Poor erection is a complicated problem, but not something that cannot be completely cured with herbal remedies. Bluze capsules and Mast Mood oil are leading herbal products that can effectively treat the problem of poor erection from the root without any side effects.

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