Chantaburi promote tourism 360 degrees

By | April 28, 2018

We sure that this year tourism in Thailand still increasing more than 10%.Thailand is one of high potential to support Vietnam market. Governor of Chantaburi said that our province has many resource of tourism but visitors are not known too much about our province. So, this project is occurring to make Chantaburi to be wonderful city.


We will spend budget of 1 million Baht to promote Chantaburi to be well known. We have our target is increasing to 8-10% or 1.4 million people. This activity is opening Chantaburi to be well known in every perception. Not only for the agriculture but also included to attraction in provinces.


You can visit to see fly fry, visit the native community including the route to the Cambodia. This route is not well known Thai people. This route can go to Phnom Penh only2 hour. This campaign is build for promote attraction in the province. Operators about tourisms are visit to many places in province.


This is for educating for tourist route in the future. Everybody think that Chantaburi province just only pass city. So this is very essential to promote to visitor to know that potential of this province. For the visit, we divined to 3 routes. First, route is going to rafting. Second route is going to visit the factory of gem-cutting and see dolphin Oasis. Third route is commodity travel. Then go to explore chao loa beach and go to singha cape.


Besides, many commodity and explore the nature of Chantaburi sea. The sea is different from Pattaya because someone said that in the politic crisis every province are decrease but Chantaburi is increasing. Tour Company Thai-Vietnam said that to explorer sightseeing of Chantaburi is very good because this is benefit to be a point of selling in the route of selling to customer. Almost in Vietnam that would like to travel in Thailand. In southern Vietnam 16 province are beside Klong river.

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There is no airport and for the route to Ho Chi minh are not comfortable. So, customers are like to travel to Trad province and direct to Chantaburi province in the evening. We will bring customer to see bo plot and dolphin show at oasis world before direct to Pattaya.





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