Check Out Acupuncture For Back Pain Relief Without Unwanted Side Effects

By | September 6, 2016

Back pain is a problem experienced by many people; in fact in some countries it is the second most common reason for people to visit their doctor. It can affect every aspect of life and lead to other problems such as depression. Those suffering from chronic pain can try acupuncture for back pain relief.

Back pain can be caused by many different things. There could be an underlying disease such as scoliosis, osteoporosis or sciatica. It is common for people who have an injury to the back to be in pain for many years afterwards. This is often because the injury and subsequent period of pain have caused longer term problems such as nerve inflammation. Those of us who have jobs and lifestyles which entail spending the majority of time sitting are more prone to pain in the back. This is due to the weakening of muscles which adds strain to the spinal column.

The different treatments for back pain include; chiropractic, physiotherapy, medication, massage and in some cases surgery. There are many different treatment routes depending on the cause of the problem. Many people find when they visit their doctor that they are prescribed painkillers. This is usually fine in the short term but talking then for a long time can cause negative side effects.

Acupuncture has played a major role in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It can be used to treat all kinds of disorders and health problems. It is well known as a painkiller with powerful properties. In China some people undergo surgery using acupuncture as an anesthetic. For back pain sometimes acupuncture can help with the underlying problem but if it cannot then it can help with the pain symptoms.

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If you decide to try acupuncture the treatment will most likely involve using needles to stimulate acupuncture points. Most patients report that it is not painful but there is a strange sensation. If you are afraid of needles it is possible to do some types of acupuncture without them. The acupuncture points are places on the pathways of energy in the body. In Chinese medicine blockages of energy cause pain and illness and acupuncture helps the energy to flow again and the body to heal.

Acupuncture can help back pain in a number of ways. During the therapy neurotransmitters and endorphins are released. Endorphins are a natural pain killer and are powerful and so patients often feel better quite quickly. The theory of acupuncture states that it also supports the body to heal itself. In this way if you have muscle damage, for example the treatment will encourage energy flow in that area and the body should begin to heal the muscle.

Taking care of your back is extremely important as it can affect so many aspects of your health. A good way to keep it healthy is with exercise to promote strength and flexibility. All movement is good as it strengthens the muscles but there are some exercises which work the core muscles such as Pilates which are particularly effective. You should also take care when lifting and moving heavy objects and always bend from the knees.

Many people prefer natural health therapies as they have fewer side effects. Trying acupuncture for back pain relief is without risk as there are no side effects.

If you are looking for all-natural help without side effects, then acupuncture treatment is ideal. Loads more information now in our exclusive acupuncture back pain overview.

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