Chiropractors, Effective Way to Treat Back Pain

By | April 27, 2018

The back can be affected by lifting heavy items, performing strenuous exercise or simply age. For some people, it takes only a few days to suffer from it and forever, your back is normal, for others, it will be neccesary to  consult chiropractors to get some relief. Now understand the way for this back specialist to help making you more confortable.


What they do

When people have back issues or spine problems, they see doctors that specialize in helping the back. These doctors are known as chiropractors and they can help pinpoint the source of the back pain as well as help alleviate it. The methods of treatment are natural and non-surgical. Often times, the issue is a result of misaligned joints in the back. If not treated, these misalignments can affect the nervous system which can cause further damage to the body.



As with many doctors, chiropractors do a full assessment of the patient before providing treatment or issuing a diagnosis. They will check medical history, may conduct a physical, do blood work and even perform x-rays to help see what could be the possible cause of the problem. He or she could also study the patient’s posture and inquire about whether or not the patient practices good nutrition and proper exercise, all which can help ward off back pain.

Common services

To help relieve pressure on the joints, some chiropractors perform what’s known as spinal decompression. The patient is first strapped to an instrument, and then this instrument proceeds to separate the patient’s upper and lower body. The entire process can take up to 20 minutes, and is usually performed on people that have had to endure neck or lower back pain for more than a month. After this service is complete, the patient may be a little sore and it’s recommended to take it easy and put ice on the affected region.

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Another service people get is known as adjustment. This procedure involves having the doctor adjust a spine that is misaligned. While there may be a bit of pain at first, the final result is relief. Furthermore, some doctors recommend that the patient get involved in some type of healing exercises such as low back extensions, hip rolls and more. Plus, some doctors even suggest having the patient do ice compresses. This option can also be beneficial in temporarily relieving pain since the area will numb.

Additional procedures

While there are many common procedures chiropractors perform, there are other non-standard methods that have also been known the ease back pain. Acupuncture is said to encourage healing of the body and better organ function. It is done by placing tiny needles on certain pressure points.


In addition, other non-standard procedures include massage, heat treatments and water exercises, to name a few.


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