Chronic Low Grade Inflammation is the Silent Killer

By | August 13, 2016

As you age, it is considered acceptable to begin getting sick. For organs to begin to fail, for health to begin to wain. The problem with this type of thinking seems to put the blame on time and age, rather than on ourselves.

In Chinese medicine, the emphasis is on balance rather than on symptom management. The magic in this approach is you have the ability to maintain your health, starting when you are healthy, rather than just doing damage control. We use terminology within Chinese medicine that you may not be familiar with, terms such as heat or fire.The closest translation to this would be inflammation.

Inflammation is often seen as a silent killer because for the most part, you may not realize you have it. I am not necessarily talking about the kind that may cause shoulder or knee pain. Most inflammation may remain hidden for many years without any pain at all.

However it is thought to be at the root of of disorders such as the disease of Alzheimers, thickening of the blood leading to heart pain, muscle pain, weakness, foggy thinking, and fatigue. It has also been thought to be the cause of of elevated cholesterol, plaque build, free radical damage (which may also lead to many other diseases) and even cancer growth.

Where does this inflammation come from?

It may come from damage to joints, muscles, and organs, but very commonly it can from diet and lifestyle choices. Many of the foods you eat may encourage inflammation. Foods such as meats, rich in arachidonic acids, high glycemic load foods, processed foods, and under-diagnosed low grade food allergies. The good news is, you can help yourself by knowing where you are, and adjusting your diet and lifestyle to reduce your risk of developing imbalances within your body, and creating illness.

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What you can do to maintain your health.

I am often asked what can be done to live a longer, happier, healthier life. My answer is simple. However, as with many things, simple to do, is often simple to not do as well. What I mean by that is, it is just as easy to ignore the facts, and just hope for the best. You may not notice a difference for many years, but when you finally see the error of your ways, a lot of damage may already have been done. The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure holds true.

Bio-Terrain Mapping is not comonly known, but can give a more compete picture of what is going on in one’s body.
This test uncovers imbalances with your metabolic functions. CRPT tests can also show your C-Reactive Protein levels to check how much inflammation your body may already have. These tests are simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. They are simple, but very important. If you can discover where your body may be weakening, you can correct your imbalance. Is it not a better approach rather than waiting for organ failure or pain?

Once the imbalances have been discovered, and the level of inflammation has been established, it is time to correct the problem. This can be quite simple. If everybody ate perfectly, and exercised, there would still be imbalances. The foods you eat today are different from the food your parents ate. You need supplementation in order to make up for these deficiencies as well as for the additional load of all of the extra chemicals you ingest in the air, your water, and your food. Simple over the counter vitamins offer litle in the way of heathy benefits. Most of them are less than optimal. Whole food vitamins are much more powerful and more bio-available than the properties found in most vitamins.

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The research done on the mangosteen fruit is absolutely amazing. Whole fruit mangosteen has shown impressive health benefits for many. In Chinese medical theory, using whole food nutrition is more powerful than isolated properties, because the whole food approach is much more balanced.

Inflammation can be controlled and reduced. Patients are in control of their bodies because they can monitor the fuctions of their bodies and maintain balance. Support what needs to be supported, and reduce what needs to be reduced. Simply going to the store and over-dosing on anti-oxidant vitamins can do more damage than good. Balance is the key. Using good quality products, supporting the body where needed, and keeping balance is the key to optimal health.

Dave knop is in the health and wellness field as a health consultant and is also a web developer and home business success consultant living just outside of Chicago, Il.

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