Consider A TENS Machine For Chronic Pain

By | July 17, 2016

Many people suffer with pain. There are all sorts of causes of pain that can occur due to an accident, fall or even just arthritis. Pain can make it miserable to complete everyday tasks. There are pain management techniques that can help a patient deal with the issue and feel better. The TENS unit is one such technique.

A TENS unit is a device that is pocket size. It is a portable nerve stimulation device that is run by batteries. It transmits very mild electrical impulses to parts of the body and blocks pain signals. These electric currents actually make blocks that prevent a pain message from being sent to the brain. It can raise the levels of endorphins. Endorphins are a natural pain killer made by the brain.

To try this method, one must first seek the advice of their physician. The physician can evaluate the pain and sometimes will refer the patient to a specialist such as a pain management doctor. This doctor can prescribe pain medications, muscle relaxers as well as the TENS unit to assist with eliminating the issue. Most pain physicians will need a referral from the primary care doctor. The PCP is the first place to begin when evaluating the problem.

Once the patient has seen their primary care doctor and obtained a referral, the next step is to schedule an appointment with the specialist. Many times these offices are overwhelmed with patients so be prepared to possibly wait for an appointment.

In the meantime, there are ways to assist with pain management at home. Some therapies that can help are chiropractic care. A chiropractor can assist with aligning bones in the correct position. They utilize manipulation as well as heat and physical therapies. A simple heating pad can also help with the pain. Put the heating pad on the painful area and try to relax. Use the heating pad for about twenty minutes on the area. Do not overdue it as it may cause sensitivity and burning of the area. Always use the heating pad as instructed by the manufacturer.

When the patient goes to visit with the specialist, be prepared and bring all necessary prescriptions that one is currently taking. The doctor will need to know all medications or supplements. Medications and even vitamins can interact with each other so the doctor will want to be informed of everything that is going on with the patient.

While at the appointment discuss all options that have been pursued, discuss obtaining a TENS unit. They are typically covered by insurance as private paying can be quite costly. The machines are helpful and most physicians would prefer to try that route of pain management than actual addictive pain medications.

A pain unit is a great way to try to manage pain without the use of medications. They are costly but most of the time covered by health insurance if ordered by a physician. Seeking out the advice of a pain management physician can help with this process. The unit can be mailed straight to the patient. They are easy to use, small and portable.

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