DiaResQ Diarrhea Relief for Adults, Vanilla, 4 Packets

By | April 30, 2017
DiaResQ Diarrhea Relief for Adults, Vanilla, 4 Packets

DiaResQ was originally developed to address a major global health concern (diarrheal disease) in places like India, but is also effective against less severe cases of diarrhea and is a travel essential. Diarrhea is embarrassing, inconvenient, and depletes your body of crucial hydration and nutrients. DiaResQ is formulated to quickly address diarrhea and relieve the symptoms of intestinal distress while providing important nutrients. It takes up to 3 packets of DiaResQ to resolve a moderate to severe episode of diarrhea, though relief has been reported with just 1 packet (within 24 hours).

DiaResQ is a Food for Special Dietary Use – a category having oversight by the Food and Drug Administration. DiaResQ provides nutrients that are beneficial for people with diarrhea. DiaResQ is different because it’s not a drug or antibiotic – it’s a food made from naturally derived ingredients that reach the intestine to rapidly support normal function. DiaResQ is not intended for chronic diarrhea or diarrhea due to overindulgence in food or alcohol.

  • Contains 4 powder packets of DiaResQ (with 2 mixing cups). Packaging may vary.
  • DiaResQ is a different kind of product because it is not a drug or antibiotic; it’s a food that provides nutrients for people with diarrhea
  • Effectively reaches the intestinal tract and rapidly restores normal function while providing important nutrients. DiaResQ can be taken with prebiotics and probiotics
  • An essential product for the most predictable travel related illnesses – diarrhea. At-risk destinations include the Caribbean and Mexico
  • DiaResQ is the standard of care for traveler’s diarrhea recommended by Passport Health Clinics nationwide

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