Diets That Work Fast

By | May 3, 2018

It is no secret and thankfully most people know that so called crash diets or fad diets do not work on a long term basis but make out to be diets that work fast. People that use these, often slip into the “Yo Yo Effect” of weight management.

However, by choosing the correct diets that work fast method and exercise program, we can lose weight and keep it off. It is also possible to lose weight rapidly and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is done correctly. By merely changing your diet and with that I mean, setting up a healthy nutrition plan using diets that work fast, and following an intense exercise program, it is no problem for most people to lose as much as 20 pounds in one week. This has been proven many times through the media with their numerous dieting and weight loss TV series.

The average person can lose as much as three to four pounds a week by following up on a healthy nutrition plan and organized exercise and this is completely safe. To achieve effective weight loss with diets that work fast, you have to burn more calories than you actually consume.

If you are dedicated to your weight loss plan, you just have to reduce your calorie intake to 500 per day and do enough physical exercise to burn another 500 calories. The exercise would take around one hour and you would be losing around 3 or 5 pounds a week.

Example: I love to work out on the stepper. I step non stop for one and a half hours after which I am wet through and have burnt between 900 and 1200 calories. I weigh 79 kg. and have a BMI of 22.5. At 57 years young, I really do not think that is bad! Obviously the results would vary depending on the weight each individual has. However, by implementing diets that work fast, you are on the best way to a healthy fit body weight.

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There are many different diet programs on the market and many are good, but be aware, just as many are scams! Apart from consuming healthy food and drinks, carrying out intensive exercise and rigorous training, there are also diverse slimming pills, dieting drinks and so called formula diets. Believe it or not, some of these are scientifically proven to work and an overweight person can achieve really good results by using these products. However, they should not be seen as the lazy persons method to lose weight. There are no idle people, there are only people with no aims or ambitions in life! This simply means that the mindset plays a major role when someone wants to lose weight.

Finding diets that work fast is possible but there are no magic pills that one can take and everything happens without further effort from your side. Even citrus fruits such as lemons or grapefruits are ideal fat burners, but you will not reach your ideal weight by eating pounds and pounds of them.

The main factor when you want to lose weight and start searching for diets that work fast, is to make the decision now and go for it. You have to set a goal so you have a target to aim for. Commit yourself to a daily routine of at least one hour exercise and healthy nutrition. There are activities that are great fun and where you burn the calories without really noticing it. Swimming, biking, tennis/table tennis, badminton, squash (very good), martial arts, walking and the list goes on and on. If your not a gym or jogging person, there are no excuses, find exercise you enjoy doing.

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Start drinking lots and lots of water. We should drink at least 3 litters of water per day and they are essential when losing weight. Start eating healthy foods like vegetables, fresh fruit, white meats and grains, salads, fish and other sea foods etc. etc. Keep away from fast food and if you eat pasta or salads, watch out for the sauces you put on them. You can prepare yourself a healthy plate of food and ruin everything with a unhealthy fatty sauce.

However you personally choose to lose you excess pounds, you have to want to make it happen. If you go at your weight loss halfheartedly, you will lose the battle of the bulge! Prepare the route you want to take and be prepared, or prepare to fail!

There are many successful diets that work fast out there. Focus on one proven method and stick to it.

Read the information I provide for you here on “Diets That Work Fast” and I am sure you will find the right diet plan for you.