Differentiate Sleep Terror Disorder With Nightmares

By | August 4, 2016

Sleep terror disorder normally occurs to the child. Various people generally assume that their child is getting a nightmare subsequently they awoke in the night. This assumption could be true and not be true and it can be known as sleep terror disorder or pavor nocturnes or night terrors. Children should have sleep terror disorder treatment that is right with their condition to run away from sleep terror disorder trouble.

What a Night Terror Looks and Sounds Like

Sleep terror disorder can occur to both the child and adults. This sleep terror disorder is usually named as a night terror and it normally arises to the child between the age 2 and 6. This night terror generally arises to the child from a half an hour to three and a half hours after going to sleep.

On account of the bad dream that occurs to the child, the parent will cause the child feel comfort. But, if the child is not easily to be awakened when he is having a sleep terror disorder, it is too strange. After awaking from his sleep, he will be more disoriented and upset. And therefore, the parents should not remind their child about this and allow him to go back to sleep.

In the sleep terror disorder episode, the child usually gets intense anxiety, unresponsiveness, confusion, disorientation, agitation and uncommon movements. In the morning, the child may vaguely keep in mind the terrifying thing that happens for the period of his sleep thus you can remember him little else about it.

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Different with the nightmare, someone who suffers from a sleep terror disorder can not wake up fully. Sleep terror disorder is not caused by the dream at all but it is the emotion of fear. Sleep terror disorder can happen owing to a triggering emotion that is continually repeated by the child over time. These examples are calculating the stars in the sky and seeing the image of something.

What Should Be Done?

If the child is having a terror night such as nightmare, it will be vital significant for the parents in order to wake them up. Make them feel comfort, do not remind them about their dream, and allow them to go sleep back.

If your child gets a sleep terror disorder episode, it is vital significant for you to cause him comfort or to rock the child but you should also attempt in order not to awake him. In general, they will settle back into normal sleep mode after a short period of crying or screaming. Children frequently outgrow night terrors in a few weeks or even month.

In terms of sleep disorder treatment, you can think about sound therapy machine or Marsona sound machine as your choice. With these devices, you can get pleasure from the sounds of nature that they produce and it will assist you to sleep well.

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