Discoveries Made While Conducting Sleep Disorder Studies

By | May 1, 2016

Okay, so you are at the office after a night of tossing and turning. Your concentration level is not what it is normally. You think about it and realize that it was the lousy sleep you had the night before. You my friend, like millions of other people around the world, are suffering from Somnipathy or a sleep disorder. There literally have been hundreds, maybe thousands of sleep disorder studies conducted. With all the people who suffer from these disorders, its no wonder that sleep disorder studies are a popular branch of health care. These studies are attempting to make your nights sleep better and more beneficial to you. Sleep disorder studies have found many possible causes for nsomnia or sleep disorders. Most sleep disorders stem from a pshychological condition or incident.

Types of Sleep Disorders

There are several disorders that do not affect your ability to get to sleep but instead happen during sleep. Bruxism is just such an example. This is a condition where the person grinds his teeth involuntarily while they sleep. According to sleep disorder studies, this affects over 20 million people in the USA. Another condition that has been discovered by sleep disorder studies is that of the delayed sleep phase syndrome, a condition that makes it hard to fall asleep and also to wake up in the morning. Typically the person can’t sleep to midnight or later and can’t wake themselves up in the morning. It is just the timiing that is affected not the actual sleep, other than the fact that there
isn’t enough of it. Another condition that occurs is Hypopnea Syndrome. The person with this condition falls asleep normally but suffers from shallow breathing, thereby limiting the amount of oxygen intake. Thanks to sleep disorder studies, the medical profession have much better ways of treating the conditions.

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There are other sleep disorders that have been studied and and researched thanks to sleep disorder studies. Narcolepsy is a condition wherein the person falls asleep involuntarily without any knowledge of doing so and sleeps irregularly at night. Restless leg syndrome is a condition that comes on during sleep. It involves periodic limb movement. These movements are involuntary and indicate that the person is not sleeping as effectively as they could be. REM behavior disorder while sleeping will manifest itself in involuntary muscle release which cause anywhere from random twitches to organized usage of the limbs. According to sleep disorder studies, this movement can be quite violent, to the point where the person injures himself or the person that is sleeping with them. There are lots of sleep related conditions such as snoring, sleep apnea and sleepwalking that have been much better understood because of the sleep disorder studies.

Three treatments have come as a result of the sleep disorder studies. They are psychotherapeutic, medication and somatic. These three types of treatments will help with many causes of sleep disorders, be they stress induced, pain related, psychological trauma, anxiety or something as common as a noisy sleep environment. Sudden changes in lifestyle may also contribute to sleep disorders.

Lots of times, the doctor will prescribe medications for sleep disorders. For most of the time, these measures are only temporary. Stop the medication and the problem reoccurs. Sleep disorder studies have found that psychotherapeutic treatments are much more effective. These treatments go right to the root of the problem usually buried deep in the psyche of the patient. With medication, the problem may just be masked, Kind of like turning up the radio to drowned out the loud exhaust.

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Sleep disorders and insomnia problems provide a vast area of research. The sleep disorder studies have made healthy inroads to sleep improvement but they have to delve even deeper into the problems. One of the best treatments seems to be a professional psychotherapist in combination with self help treatments.

Good health and much sleep Ken.

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