Discovering Your Sleep Disorder

By | August 2, 2016

Do people often tell you that you look tired? This could be for a number of reasons, perhaps your make up is smeared, perhaps you just have a droopy face, or perhaps it is because you actually may be sleep deprived.

You may be saying, “No, that is not possible I sleep like ten hours a night, so I couldn’t possibly be sleep deprived.” Sleep requires much more than just a time period for you to lay unconscious through; you have to be getting proper rest.

Proper rest requires a lot of things, and your sleep disorder could be just that you never knew that you were not sleeping properly in the first place. You have to have a mattress that is strong enough to support your back, but that is soft enough to allow you to relax.

Anything that is too firm is going to create sore spot and may cause irritation in the neck or back. Anything that is too soft may cause cramps from sleeping in bent positions, so it is sort of like goldilocks and the perfect soup, or goldilocks and the perfect bed rather.

Some people are going to be too big for some beds and others are going to be too small, it really just depends on you and your own personal preferences. Now the bed isn’t everything.

You also have to take into account lighting and temperature in to account. If there is any light whatsoever it could be throwing off your natural circadian rhythm, upsetting your sleep schedule.

Light for some people can create as much as problem as if their bed were made of rocks. Try to get an alarm clock with a dimmer on it, so that when it is dark the alarm’s light doesn’t shine on throughout the room.

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Some alarms are actually causing other problems too, everything is electric and digital these days, people are saying that electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) are causing sleep disruption. This could very well be the case, to prevent this move any mechanical, digital apparatus at least 3 feet from your sleeping space.

See if doing this makes any difference. It is very common for people to sleep right by their laptop, Ipad, nook, and alarm, all of which could be creating disrupting EMFs that could be throwing off your sleep cycle.

Temperature is the last thing, do not cover up to the point of where you are sweating, doing this will create a restless sleep that just makes for an extremely groggy morning. Try to get relaxed in a room that is around seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

Destry Masterson is a health and fitness nut. She writes articles about exercise, sleeping and recommends sleeping on the best mattress for back pain from IntelliBED.

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