Display Problems After Waking Up From Sleep Mode

By | March 16, 2018

have been using Mac systems for a long time and have never faced such a problem with it before. I have a Macbook Pro which is installed with Mac OS X Snow leopard on it. I am facing Display problems after waking up from Sleep mode. Whenever the Macbook is brought out of sleep mode, the display of the Macbook is not proper. Some areas on the screen are corrupt. I cant figure out what is causing such problem and hence need your help in solving the issue.

Display problems after waking up from Sleep mode

The Macbook could be having some hardware problems due to which you are facing such problems. I would suggest you to take the Macbook to some authorised apple service center and get it checked. If the Macbook is under Apple care warranty then it will be serviced for free but if the Macbook is out of the warranty period then you will have to pay the service charge and if anyhardware is replaced then the cost of the hardware should also be paid.

The possible problem can be due to the operating system which is installed on the computer. Operating system carries out all the tasks which are given to the computer. If the operating system is not working properly, then you are bound to face such problems. If you have the install disk of the operating system which you are using then insert it in the drive and boot the system from the disk. Install the operating system in install/archive mode. Install/archive mode enables the user to use the applications which are installed on the previous operating system. Once the operating system is reinstalled, check if you face the same problem again.

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Display problems after waking up from Sleep mode

Try doing a PRAM reset and see if it helps. If the system RAM of the computer are flooded with invalid entries then such problems arise. To the only way to solve such problem is to remove all the invalid entries. To remove all the invalid entries you will have to performPRAM reset. Locate the following keys (Apple, option, R and P). Press the following keys while booting the computer . Keep the buttons pressed till 3 startup chimes are heard. Once 3rd startup chime is heard, release the keys and let the system boot normally. Putthe computer to sleep mode and see if the problem still continues.

By looking at the problem it is clear that the problem is of GPU of the computer. The GPU of the Macbook is not able to produce the images properly after waking up. This can be because of missing drivers or due to hardware fault. Check if the drivers for the GPU are installed and working properly. If drivers for the GPU are installed and working properly then get the GPU of the Macbook is faulty and needs to be replaced. Try replacing the GPU and see if the Macbook works properly after bringing out of thesleep mode.

All the functions of the computer are controlled by the logic board of the computer. The function of providing correct voltage levels to different devices connected to the computer is also function of logic board. Hence if the logic board of the computer is faulty then the problems like this are bound to happen. Get the logic board of the computer checked by some technician. If the logic board of the computer is faulty then there is no other option than to replace it. Replacing the logic board will solve the problem