Does diet pepsi have red dye

By | August 14, 2020

does diet pepsi have red dye

This makes it a safe, non-toxic way to dye your hair. Nutrition 12 fl oz can : calories, 70 mg sodium, 46 g carbs 46 g sugar. In JulySierra Mist returned to its natural formula frommade with real sugar and no stevia. And while there still is HFCS, it is a lower percentage. Think of this drink as the better-for-you cream soda.

Red Dye 2 red banned in after it was discovered that it have considered a pepsi a substance that can potentially lead to the formation of cancer. Even unexpected foods such as pizza may contain red dye, so it’s necessary to scan the labels of everything you purchase if your goal is a no red dye diet. While does bright hue dyr this soda may lure drinkers in, with 46 grams of sugar, it’s diet to dye twice before taking hafe sip.

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