Driving With Allergies

By | April 15, 2018

People with allergies are faced with a driving dilemma: whether or not to drive while taking allergy medication. If you do want to wreck your Demio or Chariot Grandis, then it is best to keep them parked when allergy season hits and you are feeling miserable. 44% of the American population hit the road when allergy season starts. If you suffer from allergies, you need to be very careful before getting behind the wheel of your Demio or Chariot Grandis.

There are non-drowsy allergy medications on the market, such as Claritin, but it is still important for you to read the medicine label before taking it. Even though the medication may say it is a non-drowsy formula, it could react with other medications you are taking and make you drowsy. Plus, some people naturally become drowsy when taking this medicine even if it is a non-drowsy formula. Their natural body chemistry causes this. You never want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you find out that taking this medicine will make you sleepy.

Drivers need to be aware of what they are doing at all times. You need to be focused in order to react to any possibility on the road. Over the counter medications are not always non-drowsy formulas, which is why you need to be sure that the medicine you purchase is the right one. 38% of American drivers which equals out to about four out of ten drivers have reported becoming drowsy while driving after taking their allergy medicine.

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In order to prevent getting drowsy behind the wheel of your Demio or Chariot Grandis, here are a few tips for you to follow:

* Carefully read all medicine labels before you take it and get behind the wheel. Check the labels for any type of drowsiness warning and drug interactions that could cause you to get sleepy.

* If you are already sleepy when you are ready to go drive, stop and wait. You do not want to take the chance of having an accident when you get behind the wheel. If you need to pick up your children or meet someone, make other arrangements.

* Take along a travel companion with you if you are planning a long trip. If you cannot take someone along, plan on taking breaks while you are on the road so that you can shake off any tired feeling you may develop.

* Make sure you get plenty of sleep when taking your allergy medication so that you can avoid getting sleepy on the road.

* Pull over if you feel drowsy while you are behind the wheel.

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