Effect of Esomeprazole Magnesium on Human Body

By | December 23, 2016

The concept esomeprazole refers to the S-isomer of omeprazole contains the mixture of the s-and R- isomers. Talking about esomeprazole magnesium drug description, it has molecular formula and structural formula. The strength of esomeprazole magnesium is a function of pH; which quickly degrades in acidic media. However, under alkaline state it has acceptable solidity.

There are some side effects of using esomeprazole magnesium like according to clinical research we come to know that by using it we get undesirable reactions. The example of this kind is it is used by pediatric and adolescent patients between 1 to 17yrs of age. The pediatric patients whose age range age was 1 to 11yrs experienced some reactions such as diarrhea, headache, and somnolence. The other pediatric patients whose age range is between 12 to 17 get the reactions like headache, abdominal pain nausea, and diarrhea.

There are some other patients who are suffering from erosive esophagitis so they go through some randomized comparative clinical trials. 1,240 patients on NEXIUM 20 MG, 2,434 patients on NEXIUM 40 MG and 3,008 patients on oomeprazole 20 MG are treated in clinical research. If we see, there are three types of groups, which get some reactions such as headache, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, constipation, abdominal pain, and dry mouth.

Apart from these reactions, clinical research found some other reactions in trials such as hot flushes, facial edema, fatigue fever, back pain, allergic reaction, asthenia, abdomen enlarged, and flu-like disorder. Some patients also showed generalized edema, leg edema, pain, rigors constipation, aggravated dyspepsia, dyspepsia, eructation esophageal disorder, frequent stools gastroenteritis, hiccup, and melena. Where as in some patient mouth disorder, rectal disorder, arthropathy, dizziness, and nervousness somnolence tremor, asthma aggravated, coughing, and seating increased were observed.

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Esomeprazole magnesium plays important role in giving relief from disease like it gives relief from gastroesophaegal disease. It gives you relief from this disease by relieving heart bum and signs caused by the backflow of stomach acid into the canal to the stomach.

Reflux disease can cause the damage but esomeprazole magnesium helps to cure this damage. We can also get the relief from the infection, which results, into duodenal ulcers by having combination or esomeprazole magnesium with the antibiotics biaxin and Amoxil.

You can get this esomeprazole magnesium in capsules form, which can be swallowed easily. you might have one question in your mind what is the process for taking these capsules so the process is take these capsules one our before taking your meals. You have to remember one thing that is you have to swallow it whole. It you are getting problem in swallowing these capsules then you can open the capsule and then onto one tablespoon of applesauce pour the pallets. In addition, while doing you have to take care of not using hot applesauce.

After this you can swallow the applesauce but without chewing. Esomeprazole magnesium patient advice is you should not miss the dose and you have to store it room temperature and when you are taking esomeprazole magnesium you have to take care of some drugs. The list of drugs includes digoxin, ketoconazole, warfarin, and diazepam. However, you can take esomeprazole magnesium by having combination with antacids.

If you are pregnant then you have take care about taking esomeprazole magnesium because you can get some effects if you will take that during pregnancy. Therefore, before taking it you have to consult with your doctor. It can give you harm to newborn t by appearing in breast milk.

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Esomeprazole magnesium dosage can be used for the treatment, which can cure diagnostically confirmed erosive esophagitis. Esomeprazole magnesium dosage can be used for the treatment of heartburn also.

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