Effective treatment for sleep apnea

By | October 8, 2016

The obstructions cause the person to snore. These obstructions typically last for a minute and may occur several times during the night. Obstructions apart from causing snoring also reduce the oxygen levels in the blood. Sleep Apnea causes several disorders like hypertension, blood pressure and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

TMJ is an extremely painful condition to have. If you are suffering with this disorder is high time that you see a TMJ treatment specialist. Most people do not have an understanding of this painful disorder and often lack the knowledge of it.

What is TMJ? TMJ is a joint that acts like a hinges to connect the lower part of the jaw to the temporal bone of the skull. This bone is located in front of the ear bone on either side of your head. TMJ allows the jaw to move smoothly and allows you to yawn, smile and chew or talk. The jaw is flexible enough to move the lower part of the face. Sometimes due to muscle related problems people experience extreme amounts of pain this portion of the face.

TMD is a condition that is associated with TMJ. There are several reasons why people experience problems related to TMJ. It could be because of an injury that caused the disorder or a muscle related problem. Sometimes problems like sleeping disorders can also cause this condition. Some of the most prominent conditions that coexist with TMD are Grinding and clenching of teeth. These actions put pressure on TMJ.

Muscle dislocation can cause this condition. Bone related disorders like arthritis and osteoarthritis can cause it.

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It could also be a stress related disorder. Stress often causes the facial muscles and tissues to tighten up.

However there is a direct connection between TMJ and sleep disorder. Conditions like apnea can be caused due to TMJ related problems. In some people if they want to treat apneas then they need to treat an underlying problem like TMJ. People with apnea may be snoring because the muscles in the TMJ are causing an obstruction. However apnea is a condition by itself and is treated with a different approach compared to TMJ. But when both these conditions are associated more importance is given to treating TMJ.

Conclusion Most people confuse TMJ problems with dental problems. They feel the need to see a dentist. However in order to get rid of the condition one has to see a professional TMJ treatment specialist for curing this condition. If the pain is directly near the temporal lobes then visit a specialist close to you to get evaluated.

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