Effective Treatment Of Herpes With Acyclovir Cream (Generic Zovirax)

By | January 21, 2017

Viruses are the creatures that can live as a “dead” species in the environment. When they get a chance to get in to the host cells they start to replicate themselves and causes discomforting symptoms in the organism. Herpes is a viral infection that causes due to the virus known as herpes simplex. This can be treated with certain creams for herpes known as Acyclovir cream. This is also known as generic Zovirax. Herpes causes lot of discomfort and pain with intense itching. That is why a powerful medication such as Acyclovir cream is needed to get relief from the symptoms. Basically cold sores appear as a primary symptom of herpes. These cold sores are contagious and if you touch them with your hands possibility is there that you might end up spreading herpes to the other body part. Thus one needs to get generic Zovirax in order to treat cold sores of herpes. The chemical constituent that is Acyclovir cream is the backbone of this herpes medication.

Herpes is mainly has two types; oral and genital herpes. If you are suffering from any one type of herpes and if you get indulge in sexual activity then you are likely to pass this infection to your partner. You can certainly stop this by using generic Zovirax. This acyclovir cream for herpes gives you comfort from the itchiness and also help to treat cold sores. The very painful part of herpes infection is the occurrence of herpes outbreak. Generic Zovirax has the soothing properties that give comfort in the outbreak of herpes symptoms. Acyclovir cream is also available in the form of oral medication named as generic Zovirax oral pills. Your doctor might recommend you to use only Acyclovir cream topically over the herpes outbreak or might fortify the treatment with generic Zovirax oral pills. This depends on the severity of the herpes outbreak symptoms. The chemical formulation of Acyclovir cream works in a definite pattern. When you apply the cream over the herpes outbreak the active constituent gets converted in to the active metabolite. This active metabolite of Acyclovir cream reduces the production of viral DNA and also prevents synthesis of new DNA. This result in the death or eradication of viruses and you get relief from the symptoms. Generic Zovirax oral pills also works in the same manner as the active chemical is the same as that of the Acyclovir cream.

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Though Acyclovir cream or the generic Zovirax pills are effective in the treatment of herpes. There are certain precautionary measures you need to follow while using any medication. Thus Acyclovir cream or the generic Zovirax pills are not the exceptional cases. The very important precaution one can take is that taking consent from the doctor or the health care professional before using any medication though it could be the Acyclovir cream or oral pills of generic Zovirax. Let your doctor know about any other medications you are currently taking for herpes or any other health issues. There are certain medications that might interfere with the working process of generic zovirax.

You might form rashes or itchiness while using acyclovir cream. To avoid any of these discomforting effects; always consult a doctor before using medications. There is a possibility to get some side effects with acyclovir cream or oral formulation of generic zovirax. so be little bit concern about it and get full information about the same from your health care provider.

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